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Converting quick books data

Question asked by loopwer5777 on Jul 11, 2012
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Converting quick books data


I am converting sales data exported from quickbooks.  Unfortunatley, the quickbooks report format lists a part # on a row. then on the next row, it gives the sales detail for that part #. when import in to filemaker pro 11, it looks like the folowing:


part #                  customer            qty         price


                           bob smith           3           100

                           tom jones           5            110

                           fred harris           1           99

item #2

                           becky johnson     1             100


i need to write a script that looks to see if the part # field is blank, and if it is, copy the part # from the prior record.  Thus it would fill in "item #1" for bob, tom and fred.  item # 2 for becky and so on.


i can't get this to work. any suggestions?