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    Converting related file data



      Converting related file data


      I have converted data from Filemaker 4 to 11.  Each record in my contact file is related to multiple records in a phone numbers file, which contain fields for phone number and number type (i.e. home, business, etc.)

      I would like to end up with the data in each contacts record in its own set of fields so that I can export it: the new fields could be named "phone 1" "phone type 1" "phone 2" "phone type 2" etc.

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          Why do you want to do that? (There may be a better way)

          If you need a horizontal row of data, you can do this:

          Define a calculation field, cPhoneRec, in your related table to combine the phone number and the Phone Type Label:

          PhoneTypeField & " " & PhoneNumberField

          In your parent table, define a calculation like this:

          Substitute ( List ( PhoneNumberTable::cPhoneRec ) ; ¶ ; ", " )