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Converting text field to something simplier

Question asked by mgxdigital on Jun 7, 2010
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Converting text field to something simplier



When our company first started, we only had 2 salespeople. Filemaker was not set up correctly and to keep track of what order went to what salesperon, there was a salesperson text field where the sales initals were entered.


Now, we're up to 6 salespeople and i'm really needing to change how things are set up.


If we contine to just type their initals in each order, then calculations become very difficult.


I'm making calculations ranging from how many orders per salesperon shipped per month to the dollar amount per week eacah salesperon is bringing in. Since the field is currenly a text field, i'm having to create 6 different caluclations for each one i need.


So for instance.

There is one field   salesperson     text field

There are 6 different values









I have a field called: salesperson a    calculation        salesperson = "AAA"

                                    salesperson b     calculation       salesperson = "BBB"

                                    and so on....


So now, if i need to make another calulation for monthly sales for example. i have to make 6 calculations again refering all 6 salesperson fields.

I'm wanting to reference all 6 salesperons figures on one layout.


Is there any way at all to make this simpler? I know that this was not set up correctly and i really need to make it right. It's getting too out of control.

Thanks so much!!!!