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converting text fields to check boxes

Question asked by AussiePete on Jun 5, 2009
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converting text fields to check boxes


G'Day everyone. I need some help! I have a Lotus Approach database that I am trying to import into Filemaker 10. There are some checkboxes in the Approach but when I export from Approach in an Excel format the checkboxes change to text. Then, when I import into Filemaker they remain as text. That's OK I understand that (I think)! 

But is there a way to change those text fields into check boxes an get them to use the text data?

And then continue to use the checkboxes when I make new entries or update existing ones? 

There are 30000 plus entries in the Approach database and I don't really want to do them 1 by 1.

I tried to follow the User guide but my understanding of the terminology is not good. I am sort of learning this as I go!