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    Converting Time to a Timestamp



      Converting Time to a Timestamp


      I have a time field that is used in a calculation to determine the total time elapsed.  Often this crosses the magic midnight date line so to trick the system we just enter the ending time as say 25:10 rather than 01:10.  That was fine when we only had a few users entering data.  Now we are going to have alot so I want a better system.  I'd like to change to using timestamps.  Not a problem for new data but I have to convert all the old data to the new field.  I've tried several iterations of a script to do this.  Nothing seems to work consistently.

      Best try so far:   Set Field [DIn stamp; Timestamp (service date - 1; driver in - 24)]

      "Driver in" is a time field.  "Service date" is a date field and Din is a timestamp field

      **The big issue here is that the time field never comes up as 01:10:00.  Its always 01:09:36

      I've also tried using seconds but then I get a negative time and a wierd date.

      What am I missing?