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    converting to 10 from 5.0



      converting to 10 from 5.0


      I am trying to convert my files from filemaker 5 to filemaker 10 in windows XP. All but one file converted. I am getting the message "This filed can not be used here because it would cause a circular definition". Unfortunatelly it does not tell me which field is causing the trouble. Any suggestions.

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          When do you get this errror message?


          During the conversion?


          When you open the converted file?


          Or run a script?


          Have you tried to convert a recovered copy of the file? (Sometimes the conversion process encounters hidden damage that the users were unaware of.)


          If all else fails, you may have to divide your original file in pieces and convert each piece to narrow down the possibilities. :smileysad:

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               Are you converting these individually or as a batch process where you drag and drop all of them into FMP10?