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    Converting to FM Pro- Technical Questions



      Converting to FM Pro- Technical Questions




           Hi All,


           I am currently testing the latest FileMaker Pro as an potential solution for CRM needs (converting from Bento.) The only function I perform with it is to keep track of contacts (organized into groups, categories, locations, industries, etc…)


           I have a few technical issues that prevent me to fully transfer my CRM to FileMaker Pro. I would greatly appreciate your help and support for a beginner!


           1.     FONT SIZE: Using an iMac with the default OSX resolution, the text and seems a little too small for reading (in comparison with other devices such as the MacBook Air, in which the text is perfectly fine). This is easily being solved clicking at View-àZoom In function. However, every time I close and open the files, the zoom comes back to normal. Is there a way to have the “Zoom In” function permanently applied, or, alternatively, is there a way to assign a keyboard shortcut to the function?

           2.     iPHONE: what would be the simplest way to sync iphone/ipad/imac/macbook? I couldn’t figure it out, as the manuals I found seems a bit too complicated for my technical skills. My work is online all the time, so a “master copy” is fine.

           3.     I have used the Contacts template as my base and modified it. However, under the Contacts view, it sorts the contacts by last name. I would like them to be sorted alphabetically by FIRST name, but couldn’t find the function that is responsible for sorting. What would be the best way to go about it?

           4.     I created a Date field that indicates each contact’s birthday. How can I display this information (in a form of a chronological list or in calendar), so I could keep track on each birthday when before it comes up.


           It maybe too many beginner questions, so referral to the right resources could be good as well. I have very few and specific needs from FileMaker Pro, so it is a bit challenging to extract the right information from the comprehensive manuals.


           Thanks for your help! 

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               1) You can set up a script that runs each time the file is opened to zoom the window, but you would be better off to go into layout mode and just specify a larger font size for the objects on the layout. That change will eliminate the need for zooming the window.

               2) depends on your set up. If you always have 3g/4g/WiFi access, you can host the database from your computer and access it from your iPhone as a guest of the hosted database. Then any changes made on your iPhone are automatically "synched" back to the hosted database on your computer. If you can't do that, you can use iTunes to copy the file back and forth between your computer and your iOS device. (Note: questions about FM GO should be asked in the FM GO forum.)

               3) There's a sort records option in the records menu. As I recall some layouts in this starter solution have column labels set up as buttons that sort records when you click them by performing a script with a sort records step. If clicking such a control doesn't produce the desired sort order, you'll need to find and modify the script performed when you click the button.

               4) In layout mode there's a field tool you can use to add new fields to a layout. You do need to pay attention, however to what Tutorial: What are Table Occurrences? is specified for the layout where you add the field. That table occurrence may refer to a different table than the one in which you defined your new field and then the relationships you define will affect whether or not you see the data you expect in this new field on that particular layout.