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Converting to titlecase, not just the style

Question asked by beckett85_1 on Jun 12, 2010
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Converting to titlecase, not just the style


Just wondering, is it possible to convert a database to titlecase easily (not just the formatting option) i tried set field[fieldname;textstyleadd(fieldname;titlecase] and that didnt work, only other option i can think of is


if                  left[fieldname;1]=a setfield[fieldname;"A"&right(fieldname;length(fieldname)-1))

else if         left[fieldname;1]=b setfield[fieldname;"B"&right(fieldname;length(fieldname)-1))

else if         left[fieldname;1]=c setfield[fieldname;"C"&right(fieldname;length(fieldname)-1)) and so on, any easy options?


300,000 records, i wanna make sure it goes as smooth as possible


Thanks in advance