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Converting Word docs into records

Question asked by AllenSickling on May 9, 2012
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Converting Word docs into records


I have a client who has their data in word documents. Specifically each document constitutes a record. The document contains a four column table. Generally, columns 1 & 3 are field names (the labels do have colons), while columns 2 & 4 are data. There are some exceptions:

the 12th row has a sketch in columns 3 & 4

the 20th row has a pic in columns 1 & 2

Several other cells are merged either vertically or horizontally

My difficulty is that even after I have it in a spreadsheet, it isn't in a normal format of rows for records and columns for fields because these documents were actually created as reports.  There are several thousand documents with about 35 fields each.  Does anyone have ideas on how to make this data importable to a db?