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    Converting xmCHART to FileMaker 11 Charts



      Converting xmCHART to FileMaker 11 Charts




      We are upgrading from FM10 to FM11 in the office but before we upgrade everyone, I have been given the task to switch all of our existing graphs (all dynamic line graphs) from xmCHART coding to new graphs using the new Chart system.  We only have 5 licenses of the xmCHART plugin, but there's at least 7 or 8 people would rather have the graphical representation "3 days ago" type of thing.


      Our coding as it is (which probably can be simplified down, but that is nothing new) is kind of a disaster.  I will use just one chart for an example, but all coding is set up this way for xmCHART. 


      This is the final chart coding, an Unstored Calculation called gChart_VolAmt.  There are two user-made variables in this part of the code, gTickLabels and DL_VolAmt.



        "OpenDrawing( 550 ; 300 )



          /* set up styles */

          LineStyle(1 ; poly ; 2 ; green )

          SymbolStyle( all ; bullet ; 4 ; 1 ; 60 60 60)


          AxisMajorTickLabelStyle(x; \"Verdana\" ; 10 ; bold ; ; ; -45)

          AxisMajorTickLabelStyle(y; \"Verdana\" ; 10)

          AxisMajorTickLabelTexts(x;" & List ( gTickLabels ) & ")


          /* set up grid */

          MajorGridLineColors( all ; all ; lightGray) 



          /* get Array Data  */

          ChartData(" & List ( DL_VolAmt ) & ")


          /* Title  */

         TitleText ( \" Sale Amount Per Month \" )

         TitleStyle ( \" Verdana \" ; 14 ; ; black )

         TitleOptions ( topcenter ; ; ; 3 )





      The gTickLabels is also an unstored calculation using the following code:

      Quote (GetRepetition ( aTickLabels ; 1 ) )  & " ; " &
      Quote (GetRepetition ( aTickLabels  ; 2 ) ) & " ; " &
      Quote (GetRepetition ( aTickLabels  ; 3 ) ) & " ; " &



      This goes up to 24 repetitions to represent the last two years of sales showing every month and I figured that I didn't need to add 24 lines saying the same thing. aTickLabels is a Global Text variable with a maximum of 24 repetitions  These are shown on the horizontal (x) axis of the graph.


      The DL_VolAmt is a Global calculation using the following code:

      GetRepetition ( aVolAmt ; 1 ) & " " &
      GetRepetition ( aVolAmt ; 2 ) & " " &
      GetRepetition ( aVolAmt ; 3 ) & " " &



      Again, this goes up to 24 repetitions representing the same as above.  aVolAmt is a Global Number variable with a maximum of 24 repetitions.


      As stated before, the entire purpose is to convert our xmCHART graphs to the new chart formats in FileMaker 11.  All of our graphs are all just a simple line graph with one line that usually represents the last two years of sales.


      I understand how to get the graph started, but I need help making sure the data shows how it needs to be shown.  If anyone has any insight to this, it would be greatly appreciated!


      Thanks! =D


      EDIT: I forgot to mention that I am on Windows XP and I am still fairly new at coding in FileMaker in general, as I have only been using it for a couple of months now at the company I am working for

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           Hi D,

          I share your pain with this one. I've been using FM Pro for a number of years (since  the early years) and Xmchart for couple and latter still give me jip. I've managed to get it to generate dashboard diala and bar graphs for a CRM package I've writen but I know I'm only using  a fraction of xmchart potential. If you send me an image of your current graphs I see if I can be of assistance.I'm looking for an xmchart consultant for assistance with some email context analysis data visualisation and if I find one with this experience I'll be sure to let you know.

          Good luck


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            If you intend to use FileMaker charts in place of this plug in, I suggest you start by reading up on them in FileMaker help. The structure to the data and how you specify chart features is completely different so you will have to work through the feature set step by step to build a chart that charts the same info. If you need line charts with multiple lines, be advised that you may need to structure your data in ways not typical for other FileMaker reporting as you typically need a separate fields in the same record to plot the parallel points for a multi-line graph.