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Converting XML in FileMaker to Table Format

Question asked by BENTO-BOX on Mar 15, 2010
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Converting XML in FileMaker to Table Format


Hi everyone,


I am new to the FileMaker forum, as well as a novice to some of the advanced functions of FileMaker, but could anyone help me out with this problem?  (Update: I am using FileMaker Pro 10.)


I have some XML within a FileMaker field, and would like to automatically convert it into a standard table format.


I understand that exporting the XML, converting it to Excel, and then re-importing it back will indeed make it that way, but I was looking for a more automatic process.  (Perhaps using the script functions within FileMaker to parse the XML?)


I also understand that, if the XML were outside the FileMaker database, then importing it would require the use of XSLT style sheets.  (However, in this case, the XML is within the FileMaker database.)


I'd appreciate your help.  Thanks!




Here is the XML I am working with.  (Unfortunately, I cannot post the entire XML for some reason.)

  <Client ClientID="2iQs24qt0fcI" ClientName="3UK" ClientShortName="3UK" ClientNumber="" />
  <Client ClientID="2dR2QecHL9og" ClientName="Acer" ClientShortName="ACER" ClientNumber="" />
  <Client ClientID="2COiSYfuAf00" ClientName="Aigo" ClientShortName="AIGO" ClientNumber="" />