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Converting/UPgrading from FM 9.5 to 12

Question asked by JanHetherington on Mar 6, 2013
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Converting/UPgrading from FM 9.5 to 12



     I have used 9.5 for a number of years, on Mac 10.4.  I have taken a big breath & upgraded to new iMac on Mountain Lion, 10.8.  Consequently brand new operating system, needing new software.    Do I have to buy the whole program as though it was the first time, versus an upgrade ......  (I have 9.5 but it is not usable on OS10.8).   I know my d/bases work on FM12 as I was able to check them out in the Apple Store.

     Also I had 9.5 advanced but don't think I can afford 12 advanced at this time ...... can I upgrade from regular to advanced at a later date if I wish to??

     Thx for your help,