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    Coontroling Value Lists



      Coontroling Value Lists


      Working from: FM Advanced 8.5.2


      In may ways I still feel very new to FM even though I have been using it since it was on 3 Diskett eons ago.  My question today concerns Value Lists and if there is a way to call a value list conditionally for a given feild.  As a very rough example:


      Feild x = A then use value list x in feild w

      Feild x = B then use value list y in feild w

      Feild x = C then use value list z in feild w


      Can any one give me information if what I what to do can be done?  And if it can be done - how is it acheived?


      Peter Kelley

      St. Paul, MN USA


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          Not really. A field instance on a layout is permanently "wired" to a value list. You can use one conditional value list, though.



          Another option is to place three non-enterable instances of the field on the layout, and have a script pick the correct one - but that means you cannot tab into the field.

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            :smileyhappy: Actually this is what I thought. and had come to the conclusion of based on my own exploration.  In the end this means I need to go back to the original Value List which had three heirarchies of values on one list [sigh]. It will be ok but will be ... 


            [long careful pause]


            Wait a moment there is possibly another way to do this ...  one might be able to do this with scripting and have x number of layouts and the same number of different feilds and have a feild condition direct you to the right layout ... grant it is not as clean of a process but it could do the job ... 

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                 Nearly duplicate layouts can be a useful problem sover for some issues. Just keep in mind that future layout modifications have to to duplicated on each layout in order to maintain the user's eye illusion that you have only one layout.
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                My training is as a commercial artist, so detail like that is a natural issue that I fuss over all the time.

                (Harry Potter referance: Mischif Manageed ... )



                St. Paul, MN USA