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Coontroling Value Lists

Question asked by MstrPBK on Jun 8, 2009
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Coontroling Value Lists


Working from: FM Advanced 8.5.2


In may ways I still feel very new to FM even though I have been using it since it was on 3 Diskett eons ago.  My question today concerns Value Lists and if there is a way to call a value list conditionally for a given feild.  As a very rough example:


Feild x = A then use value list x in feild w

Feild x = B then use value list y in feild w

Feild x = C then use value list z in feild w


Can any one give me information if what I what to do can be done?  And if it can be done - how is it acheived?


Peter Kelley

St. Paul, MN USA