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Copy a single field's contents into a field in another table

Question asked by wdockery on Jul 6, 2009
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Copy a single field's contents into a field in another table


Hello, I am a newbie using FileMaker Pro 10, and I have two tables in a single file called "Contact Management".  Each table contains demographic information about individuals.  One table is called "Contact Management" and has public info such as address and phone number; for this I just use "Contact Management", one of the FileMaker templates; the only thing I've added is a serial number field called "ContactID". 


The other table has more private (medical) info and is called "Patient Info" and is only pertinent to a small subset of the records in "Contact Management"; it includes a serial number field called "PatientID". 


I would like to have the following workflow during data entry:  Create a new record in "Contact Management".  After entering address and phone, I would like to be able to switch (with a button) to "Patient Info" and have "ContactID" automatically entered into the "PatientID" field.  This way the records will be related through the ID field.


I can't figure out how to do this!  I would like the solution to be compatible with the web viewer.  I have been playing around with "Insert from last visited" script and "getfield", "Set field", and "Set variable"; but I just don't know enough to make it work.


Thanks if you have advice on this!