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      Copy and Paste


      We recently upgraded from FileMaker 7 to FileMaker Pro 12 and I can no longer copy and paste anything. I can't use the shortcut ctr+ c / ctr + v . I have looked through options and menus to determine what I can do to fix this, but can't figure it out. Can anyone offer some advice on how to fix this problem? Any help would be greatly appreicated!! 

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          Copy and paset works fine in my V12 files--both new and converted from .fp7 format.

          If you create a brand new FMP12 file, can you copy and paste from one field to another in this file?

          This test will rule out some possible issues.

          If you find that copy and paste work fine in the new file but not the converted file, you may want to try recovering the file. You might even recover the file in FMP 7 and then convert the recovered file to .fmp12 format.

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             I don't believe we have recovered the files. These files are existing files from FM 7. Although, I have created a new form and I can't copy and paste in that either, from one section to another or even in the same section of the new form. Any reasoning as to why this is happening?

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               I created a new database and the copy and paste feature still doesn't work. Any ideas?

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                If a brand new file also has the same trouble, then the issue is not likely to be with the file and recovering is not likely to fix the issue.

                Do you have FileMaker Plug ins?

                If so, one or more of these may not be compatible. Remove all of them and see if this fixes the problem. If so, put them back one at a time to figure out which one(s) cause the issue, then go to those third part developers and see if there are updated versions available.

                If you do not have plug ins or this does not resolve the issue, you may want to try unistalling and then reinstalling Filemaker to see if that helps.

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                   We don't currently have any plug ins, how do we acquire them?

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                    If you don't have any, they aren't the issue.

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                       What is your suggestion then? Just uninstalling and reinstalling to see if some features weren't installed or were missed somehow?

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                        That's the last on my list. If that doesn't work, you may want to call tech support. If you make it clear that this is a new install of FileMaker 12, they shouldn't charge you for the time spent helping you. (At least that's been my personal experience with tech support.)

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                          I went online to the download page and found an update for FileMaker 12, I downloaded it and now have copy and paste! WOO HOO!!! Thank you for all your help, I really appreicate it! :)