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    copy and paste



      copy and paste


           I'd like for a user to be able to copy text from a (large) text field in my database to another program, but there seems to be no way to highlight (select) the text in the database in order to copy it. Is this possible? How?

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               OS Version?  Filemaker version?

               User can not select contents of ANY field, copy and paste contents? Or just the (large - a paragraph or seven pages?) single field?

               Fields can to set to be un-enterable on a layout. If they can edit the field, they should be able to copy paste. I would test with a simple app - WordPad, TextEdit, depending on OS.

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                 Thanks... that's the issue, field not enterable. I'd prefer that a user could copy and paste without being able to edit, but that's probably not possible...?

                 OS: Windows XP, FM v. 12 advanced

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                   Enter layout mode. Click the field to select it and then check field behavior settings to see if  they have been set to deny access when in browse mode. In Filemaker 11 and newer, these settings are found in the Inspector.