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      Copy and Paste


      Hello, sorry my english,
           I have the following problem:
           with FM6 I do not longer work correctly the script copy and paste (maybe because now unlike before, is a project tested for many years, has changed the operating system Win 7), I have noticed that sometimes a paste information nothing.
           Has anyone had the same problem?

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               Copy and Paste have been script steps to avoid except for very special purposes for many versions of FileMaker--including FileMaker 6.

               They have the following issues:

               Copy and Paste fail to work if the specified field is not physically present and accessible on the current layout.

               Copy replaces anything that the user copied with the data it copies. This can irritate and confuse your database users.

               Almost always, you can use Set Field instead of Copy/Paste to move data from one place to another within FileMaker and thus avoid these issues. In FileMaker 6, you'd use set field to copy the data to a field with global storage specified and thus use set field again to copy the data from the global field to paste it into a field in a different record. You can also use the global field to get the data into a table in a different file if you define a relationship linking to the two files.

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            I solved it, I set two global variables, a text and a number. I did a while loop that exit if the pasted content (text) has a length different from 0 or if the numeric is greater than 1000