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    Copy and paste in 13



      Copy and paste in 13


      Hello, I am developing in FMP 13 Advanced and seem to be able to copy and paste data into text fields on my layouts with no third party plugin required. My client running FMP 13 claim copy and paste does not work for them.

      We are all on the latest version.



      Am I imagining my copy and paste capability, or is this just a FMP Advanced feature and therefore not available to them? Thank you in advance!



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          You should be able to select data in a field and copy it to the clipboard, if the field permits access while in Browse Mode. You should also be able to paste from the clipboard into any field where the user's access permissions allow editing.

          Note that your users' access permissions or available menu commands might not be the same as those for Full Access users such as yourself and this can disable copy/paste in a number of different ways.