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    Copy and paste in scripts



      Copy and paste in scripts


      How do you copy and paste in scripts?

      I am in my main layout on a record and want to have a button that will go to a cetain field on the current record and copy the contents, then go to another layout, go into find, paste the content of the field I copied and then perform the find.

      Thats the best way I can explain it.... 

      tia for an example script :p



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          short answer - don't..

          longer answer, use a local variable to 'pick up' the data in table, then use that variable in the find statement

          something like

          Set Variable [$yourvariable; Value:yourtable::yourfield] <note: $var is a local variable in that script only, or $$var is global for the whole file>

          Go To Layout ["yourlayout" (yourtable)]

          Enter Find Mode

          Set Field [yoursecondtable::yourfield; $yourvariable]

          Perform Find