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    Copy and paste in the same location



      Copy and paste in the same location


      Hello all, is there a way to copy and object/text/graphic/etc and then paste it into another layout in the same location? It seems like a fairly standard function but I've never worked it out. If not how do you guys work around this? Many thanks

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          Select the object.  Make note of it's position (top and left) in Object Info (or Inspector).  Copy the object, go to the new location or layout and Paste.  Then immediately change the numbers in Object Info (top and left) or Inspector to match (don't deselect in between - you need the objects selected (showing the handles).  It will jump to the location.  You can select all objects or only several and it all works the same - using the coordinates for re-placing the objects.

          Some people like to put a small rectangle in the very top left of the layout and include that in the copy/paste then just move everything to top left.  But then you have to remember to 1) delete the rectangle from the new layout and 2) go back to the original layout and delete the rectangle there.  It certainly takes more effort and keystrokes than simply remembering (or writing down) the top and left numbers ... btw, be sure it is set on px.

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            Many thanks for that, I've now got the Object Info box up and use that. I wish they would introduce an option to 'copy in place', I come from a design software background so have always had this feature and sorely miss it. Anyway your workaround has done the job so thanks.