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Copy and Paste Issue

Question asked by knightmare on Jul 14, 2009
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Copy and Paste Issue


I was making a simple script that took a field from one record, went into find mode and pasted the copied field into a new records field. the problem that I am having with the script is that the field will paste into the new one but is there a way to make the script execute that number in the new field.




Set Variable [$RTN; Value:ICD Requirements::RTN]

Go to Layout ["ICN Form" (ICNs)]

Enter Find Mode []

Go to Field [ICNS::ICD RTN Impacted]

Set Field [ICNs::ICD RTN Impacted; $RTN]


this code just places the number in the new field but doesn't actual make the number execute in it. (When I say execute I mean like if I were to place a number in this field and press enter so that the find mode will work)