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    Copy content from portal fields



      Copy content from portal fields


      I have a portal from which I am able to go to a portal row and copy conetent from two fields in the portal to fileds outside the portal using a go to portal row script without a problems but in the same row, I have two additional fields that are lookups into another table that I also need to copy into outside fields as well. What happens when I invoke the script is the first two fields in the selected portal row works without issue but the two lookups copies always comes from the first row of the portal and not the secodn. The portal itself works exactly as it should but for the life of me, I can't get the lookup files to work as they should. Any help on this would be great.


      R. Moran


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          It might help to see a copy of that script.

          Some part of that script, possibly a commit records step, possibly others is changing the layout focus and that loses track of what portal row was current at the time you initiated this script. You can capture the row number in a variable in order to return to it. There is also likely a way to do what you want without interacting with portal rows like this.

          Scripts that interact with portal rows are vulnerable to breaking when someone alters the layout design in the future. It isn't always possbile, but if you can get the job done without interacting with specific portal rows, your script is less vulnerable to such issues.

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