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Copy Contents of a Field in IWP to User's clipboard

Question asked by RayMentor on Jan 6, 2010
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Copy Contents of a Field in IWP to User's clipboard


I have a database deployed and hosted via Instant Web Publishing (IWP).


Trying to do a simple script for copying the contents of a text field called "Bullet Points" in this IWP hosted database so a user can copy contents and paste that contents into a wordprocessor on his/her desktop. That is, go from Browser to the desktop application.


The copy command in Scriptmaker shows that "Copy" is compatible with Web Publishing. However, once the "Copy" script step is executed on a field in a FM database being accessed by a Web browser, it cannot be pasted into user's wordprocessor. Apparently it stays in cyberspace "clipboard" and doesn't go to the user's clipboard.

I notice I can have the script paste into another field in the web hosted FM database by adding the Paste command to the script, but I haven't discovered how to get it from the hosted FM database and to user's wordprocessor via the clipboard. Of course, "Export Field Contents" is not supported in Web publishing.


Seems like a simple thing, yet the solution eludes me. Any insight/ideas would be appreciated!