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Copy data calc troubleshooting

Question asked by SamRich on Jul 22, 2013
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Copy data calc troubleshooting


     I used this post to help me copy data from one table to another: Auto Fill

     One method it explains is the Lookup - which I have used without problem. The other is the auto-calculation via another table, which looks simple, but I'm having problems. 

     My tables are Contacts, Products, Orders, Order details and payments. I have a Paid/Unpaid field in Orders that I want copied to Order details, via a calculation. Orders are linked to Order details via Order ID (one to many). Contacts are linked to Orders, and Products are linked to Order details.

     When I try the calc, the field stays blank - and stays blank even when I try it for another field in the same table. Can anyone give me an idea as to why this might be? 

     Looking at the relationships I wonder if this might be the issue. I notice FM says I have a many to many relationship for Contacts to Orders - and I'm not sure why this is either. It also says I have many to many fro Products to Order details - but basically one product should be listed in each order detail entry. Could this be the issue and how do I resolve it? 

      Any clues greatly appreciated.