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copy data from another field and table with variable

Question asked by DavidS on Apr 9, 2014
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copy data from another field and table with variable


     Hello, i am new with filemaker, and i have maybe a simple problem?!


     I want to copy a field from a related table to another field in a another table.

     See picture!

     In the picture(1) you can see the data i want to copy or extract, to copy it to a another table.

     If i choose in a portal the material (see material in picture) such as "New imperial Red" then i want automatic the price in the field "Price" in the same portal. Butt it must be the price in the table with de field (example) "Kl3" or "Kl4" changes when there is a another customer. So if customer 4 want to purchase something such as "New imperial red" then the database must lookup the right price in the table with prices (you can see in the picture)

     Butt i dont now how to do that, because i cant choose the field that is related to the customer...only the material or a exact field i can i want to do it with a variable... butt how...


     Somebody is understand what i meaning a help is very welcome and sorry for my english...