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    Copy data from drop down list



      Copy data from drop down list


           I have a a drop down list that allows me to select multiple items. im trying to be able to copy all the data selected on another page for invoice items. FYI each row has item name and description.

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               Can you describe what you are doing in more detail please?

               Also, pleas see this link: Please Help Us to Help You...

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                 Sure. So in the db, the user has the option to from a dropdown box to select from. to the right of that there is a notes section followed by hours worked then price per hour and finally total combined cost. When the first row data is entered, it allows to add a second row of information/products needed + hours, etc.

                 The issue im having, is when i open the invoice, only the first item entered from that drop down in that potal box shows up. i am unable to get the rest of the info from that drop down/portal.

                 I uploaded a sample image. Hopfully you can see what i am refering too

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                   when i open the invoice,

                   What do you mean by "open"? Are you accesing a different layout at that point?

                   Please note that you have not yet described any tables, nor any relationships--both of which are needed in order for me to have any chance at being able to help you. More about how you have designed the layout--on which table is the layout based, on which is the portal based..., would also be very helpful.

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                     I apologies for that. Ok so the two tables that are in relationship are "Purchase Orders" and "Line Items" There are two name fields in the Line Items table that im trying to show in the Invoice section, "ID_Products" and "Product Discription". The ID_Products is the one with a drop down. Both fieldnames arel located in a form based layout which its main table is Purcahse Orders. As i mentioned before, when one row is entered, it automaticaly allows you to enter another options in a row below the first.

                     Once the data is entered and saved, i have a button/link that would take the user to the invoice which main table is Line Items where all the data would transfer over. The invoice is basically a page that can be printed or email (Page size). The Layout is "QuoteRequest"


                     I hope this explains.