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copy data from text field to checkbox

Question asked by DavidCKantor on Dec 16, 2011
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copy data from text field to checkbox


I have records with an entry in a text field and I would like to transfer that data to a checkbox within the same record:


I have 200 records with a field called <mailing>. Of those 200 records, 100 have a entry in that <mailing> field. All records also have a filed called <correspondence> which contains a list of checkboxes, one of which is "2010 mailing".

I would like to make it so that all records which contain ANY TEXT in the field <mailing> will have the "2010 mailing" checkbox checked. I intend to then delet the <mailing> filed and use only the checkboxes for keeping track of this info.

any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.