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copy email (or text field) to clipboard on button click

Question asked by Jax on Sep 22, 2014
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copy email (or text field) to clipboard on button click


I'm trying to create an easy and space saving button (the @ sign in the screenshot) to copy the email address of a contact person to the user's clipboard. Contact persons can request to be anonymous (Yes/No), so I introduced an If.

Here's my first buggy draft. For people that did not request anonymity, recorded in the lab selection::contact field (Yes/No), the email is displayed in the dialog but not copied to the clipboard. The button is on the lab selection list layout and sits in a portal collecting several user experiences (see image).

If [lab selection::contact = "Yes"]
   Copy [Select; student::email]
   Show Custom Dialog ["Contact email"; "The student deposited this email:¶¶" & student::email]
   Show Custom Dialog ["Anonymous"; 'The student asked not be contacted."]
End If

Does this problem stem from the field being linked in through the portal but then it should also not be displayed in the dialog, shouldn't it? Do the copy to clipboard commands work equally well on different OSs (Mac 10.9.4 in my case). Will this button work via IWP?