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    Copy field contents script



      Copy field contents script


           It may sound little awkward to even read this, but I set up a simple script, which would select and then copy entire contents of the particular field:

           Go to field [select/perform; FIELDNAME]



           But this script limits me to being forced to set up such a script for every field that i want to be able to copy in one click. Is there a way to have that "go to field" thing dynamic?

           I tried this one:

           Go to Object [Object Name: Get(ActiveLayoutObjectName)] and [Object Name: Get(ActiveFieldContents]


           But then it would copy all the text in the layout, because it doesn't eventually enter that field.



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               What happens if you simply don't specify any field in the script step?  FM will probably take the field that is currently active.

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                 Why do you need to copy the data to the clipboard? There can be good reason for that, but there are also many "not good" reasons for it as well...

                 You might "generalize" such a copy action by:

                 Go to Object
                 Set Field [Globals::GlobalText field ; Get ( ActiveFieldContents) ]
                 Copy [Globals::GlobalTextField ]

                 This way you are always copying from the same field, but only after using the set field step to load this one field with the data from any number of other fields that may need to be copied.