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Copy Field to Related table ONLY IF not already present

Question asked by Nibbles on Dec 27, 2013
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Copy Field to Related table ONLY IF not already present


     So this is my Layout w/explaination:

     Table A (VALUES) Holds combos of possible values. Setup this way


     Client, Facility, Building, Ward, Room


     Table B (BUILDING_ID) Holds the image of each unique building


     Building_ID (auto Serial), Building_Name, Building_Image


     What I need to accomplish here is to write a script that will automatically create a new record in table B. When a new unique building name has been created in table A.

     This will allow an admin to go back into table B if needed and add a building image for each unique building name. One can assume that the building field in table A will have duplicates as all buildings have multiple wards. 

     The script simply needs to copy the first instance of a new building name to table B, have the auto serial populate, and leave the building container image blank for later modification.

     The plan is to display the building image in a layout via portal. Where if a building name is selected from a conditional value list and the user clicks a button, the button will look up the building name from table B and display its image if it is available.

     Any suggestions, I normally work with Java, and filemaker scripting is throwing me for a real loop! Ive learned a little from PhilModJunk, but Im afraid to say Im still probably in the FMP12 noob category :(