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Copy field value into another field

Question asked by millebjoerk on Feb 12, 2010
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Copy field value into another field



I am trying to make a script which should say:

If (field A = "Yes")
then field C copies the value of filed B
End if
If (field A = "No" or field A is empty)
then field C takes the value 0
End if

My problem is making the "then" commands. what type of scriptcommand should I use? I've tried look up, replace, copy/paste and nothing works!
I don't know where to place the script either. Can I add in one the fields A, B and C, when they already do have a value? It would be optimal if when I press "yes" in field A, that field C right after takes the value of field B. Should the script then be placed in field A? When I've tried to do that it seems as if i can't press "Yes" then.

Hope somebody can help me, and ask if i'm not making sense or is clear in my discription.

Regards, mille<!-- POLLS --><!-- FILES --><!-- SIGNATURE -->