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    Copy file saved over a different file



      Copy file saved over a different file


      I'm a new user.  I'm using Filemaker Pro 10.

      I have two different databases with two different names.

      For example:  Finances and Budgets and I have a copy of each one. Finance copy and Budget copy...well when I closed Finance original it changed my Budget copy to the Finance copy.  What do I need to do to make them be separate copies?  I hope this makes sense.  Thank you. 

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          I'm afraid that doesn't make much sense.


          Are these two separate files or two tables?

          If files, what operating system are you using?


          Describe what you did step by step. One file doesn't simply turn into another, so we would need to figure out what made this appear to happen.


          It's a bit of long shot, but you might Open Finances, select File Options and check to see if the file is set to run a script when the file is closed...

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            I apologize...I'm still learning.

            They are two separate files. I'm using FMP 10.

            I saved the original (Finance) database (file) and made a copy and renamed it Budgets and made a copy of that one as well.

            For the scripts....do I need to run a script?  If so, how do I enter a different name for the script because the script runs to the original Finance file.

            Thanks for any advice you give.


            Sunshine!  :)

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              How did you make your copies? From the file menu in filemaker or did you use your computer's operating system to copy the file?


              Keep in mind that filemaker automatically saves your data without you having to specifically choose save from the file menu like you do in another program such as a word processing program.

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                I saved it from the file menu in filemaker. 


                When I started here, the lady who began this process had a copy set up so other employees could look in the file but not make changes. 

                I just took the original file (Finance) and made another copy with a new name (Budget) so I could use it for similar data.  Now when I close my Budget file it overwrites the Finance copy.


                I'm sure it has to do with the backup scripts. 

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                  When you open an existing word processer file, and choose save as, the file name of the open copy changes to the new file name. When you choose save as... from filemaker, the name of the currently open copy does not change. This difference could fool you as to which file you are making your changes in if you don't check the file name in the window header.


                  Another possible explanation:

                  Try this out to see if it's a factor...



                  Open the file and select File Options from the file menu.


                  Check at the bottom of this dialog where you see "when closing this file".


                  Is the perform script checkbox checked in this file?


                  Your predecessor may have written a script that runs when you close the file which may be saving a copy of the file to a specific filename and this might overwrite another file.



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                    Thank you very much!  :smileyhappy: