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Copy Key Field to Related Table

Question asked by PaulDougherty on Apr 3, 2014
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Copy Key Field to Related Table


     I have several spreadsheets that I've imported from Excel. I need to link them together but right now their only common fields are First, Last, and Middle Initial. As you know that will not work in production because someone's name is going to be changed through correcting a misspelling etc. and records in the child tables will be orphaned. 

     I'd like to know how to do 2 things:

     1. Have the parent table autonumber the key field by itself (it currently has 800 records that I'd rather not enter by hand)

     2. Copy that autonumbered primary key from the parent table to a field in the child table.


     After competing this I'll change the relationship to be on the autonumbered key field.