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      Copy Layout


      I am trying to copy and paste a layout from FM 6 to FM 11.  I select the layout objects in FM 6 and click Copy, then in FM 11 when I try and Paste, it only allows me to past a picture.  FM 6 has the option to Paste Layout OBjects, but FM 11 doesn't?  What am I doing wrong?

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          Open (convert) a COPY of the FP6 file in FMP 11, the extension will change to FP7.

          Duplicate (or save a copy) of the new file, test your layout copy.

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            Thanks for the response.  I already converted the file - and that worked great, but the layout did not copy with the file conversion.  So I need to know how to convert just a layout (because copy and paste doesn't work).  Thanks!

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              Due to different file formats you can't copy and paste from 6 to 11 as you've discovered.

              The converted copy of the file should have all the  layouts from the version 6 original file. If you don't, then you had some problem with the conversion process itself. Perhaps the layout in the version 6 copy had some corruption that was ignored by FileMaker 6, but not by 11 during the conversion process.

              You might try recovering your version 6 copy, converting the recovered copy and then copying and pasting from the converted copy if the layout is accessible in this converted copy.