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    copy of one field in multiple field



      copy of one field in multiple field


      I have 4 tables with a # building field in each of them. I need to make any # building field entry to copy to other # Building field. I tried with portals and lookups but didnt succeed. Is there way to do it with a script or any other way?

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             The better question is why do you have 4 copies of the same field in various tables?
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            Maybe i didnt organize my database the right way. I need to store information about around 300 building. I have plan to make  tables.


            1-buildding Info                2-Bulding Systems       3- Network    4- Services Calls

               -# Building                      - # building                 -#Device     -# building

               -Name of the building        - System Name            -#Port        -Date

               - maintenance                 - cooling/heating          -IP             -description

               - Remote access                                              -# Building   - Work done by


            the only relation between each table is the # building. Should i do only 2 table ; Building Info and services calls?

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                 More likely, you'll want to change the # Building fields, and call them Building ID instead.  Add a new 'Building Num' field to the Building Info table, relate all the tables by Building ID, then on whatever layouts you have # Building now, change it to 'Building Info::Building Num'
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                   One of the basics behind a relational db is to try and store information only once. If you have a meaningful field such as building number, you will run into issue like your current one where you have to change it everywhere. Instead, if you use a meaningless ID field, then all you have to do is change information once and through relationships, you can refer to that meaningful field from other tables.