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    Copy paste layout



      Copy paste layout


      Is there any method to copy a existing layout from one file to paste in another file or import export the layout

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          There is not a way to export / import a layout.  You can use select all to copy all the objects on the layout and paste to another layout.  There is more to a layout than just objects on the screen.  The objects are connected to scripts and are based on tables and relationships, so you would have to copy the scripts and tables and recreate the relationships.

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            As S Chamblee says it is a little more complicated.  You first need to copy the fields otherwise nothing works. If your calculations use any other tables nothing will work without them being copied too.  Copying scripts should be last otherwise you end up with a bunch of field missing statements.  Sometimes the best way is to duplicate the file and then delete what you do not need. That way everything including the relationships stay in place.

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              Here is a thread that maps out one way to copy and paste all the layout objects on one layout into a blank layout in another file: Importing Layouts