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Copy paste Script not working

Question asked by carolchansen on Jan 8, 2013
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Copy paste Script not working



     I have created a copy paste script

     This is to copy from a field the numeric value on a trailing grand sum part  (of a particular found set of records).

     It is to paste it into another field that will be used for a different found set of records.

     When I do this manually it works – but when I run the simple script it results in a 0.


     I added the Go To Field (Select) because without that it pasted all sorts of other information.

     Go to Field (Benefits for Task Report)

     Copy (Select; Benefits for Task Report)

     Go to Record/Request/Page (last)

     Paste (Select; Benefits for Task Report paste)


     I have had success with this script  in other scenario's - thinking it does not like to copy from the trailing grand sum field.