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    Copy Paste Search



      Copy Paste Search


           Hello Everyone,

           Sometimes I receive an email from my coworkers to make some adjustments to records on our database like this:


                Please close this records:














           Is there any way to copy this text an past it on ID field and make the search? Any custom function for this? 

           Thanks in advanced for your support.

           Best regards,
           Joao Coutinho

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               If those are ID's (Primary Keys), you don't need any function, just a relationship.

               Say you set up this relationship:

               SomeTable::GlobalTextField = YourTable::PrimaryKey

               If you paste this list of ID's into GlobalTextField, a portal to YourTable will list all of the records for which you just pasted those IDs. Then a button in the portal row can be clicked to use Go To Related Records to bring up that record.

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                 Really simple soluction :) I will implement that.

                 Many thanks!