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Copy Portal Rows

Question asked by mgxdigital on Apr 15, 2010
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Copy Portal Rows


Hi have a Quotes table and an Invoice table related by ID_Quote_pk & ID_quote_fk


I have a portal on the Quotes layout and pull in items from Invoice Items table by the same relationship as the Quote - Invoice.


                              Invoices              invoice_INVOICEITEM





I'm wanting to somehow make a script that when a quote is accepted, we can push the quote to an invoice.

I know that i must now be thinking this through, so i'm hoping someone can help.


I want a portal on my quotes layout so add items  to, then if the customer accepts it, I want to push a button and add the portal lines to my invoice layout. I would like to be able to delete portal rows on the invoice layout just incase we do not wish to invoice for that line.


I have an invoiceitem portal on both layouts, but i can not get them to connect.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks so much!