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Copy records between portals

Question asked by paolobkk on Dec 3, 2010
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Copy records between portals


ok this is a bit complicated,

I have 4 tables:

"incoming invoice" - with a primary ID key related to "stock bond" (ID = invoice number)

"stock bond" - with a primary ID key related to "line from bond" (ID = nr entry in bond)

"line from bond" - with a foreign ID key coming from "line from bond" as described above and also with another foreign ID key coming from "transfer orders" (ID transfer)

"transfer orders" - (mentioned above) with a primary ID key related to "line from bond"

I have a layout from "incoming invoice" with a portal for the "stock bond" and another layout from "transfer orders" with a portal from "line from bond".

When I make a new "transfer order I need to copy all the items from the portal of "incoming invoice" layout (table: stock bond)  to the portal in the "transfer order" layout (table: line from bond).

After few days of trying and scripting I still can't get it to work, perhaps somebody have some ideas?

Thanks Smile