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Copy Records with Portals

Question asked by Miguel on Jan 22, 2010
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Copy Records with Portals


Filemaker Pro Advanced and Server 10 advanced


We keep records of hard drives with information about projects that need to be processed (Convert TIFF images to JP2 and JPG) We have a filemaker database with three tables, MDO inventory, Project_Settings and DVD_settings. There's a portal in MDO Inventory that has info from the other two tables for the hard drives. Each hard drive has a unique MDO number, i.e, MDO-00001397. Sometimes in order to keep backups of the hard drives, we need to duplicate a record with portals and everything, except for its MDO number That needs to be different. The way I set the MDO numbers for the database is by printing them before hand, and sticking them on the case before the record is created. I've tried duplicating the record via script but I usually end up with major problems and 25000 records crated on project_settings or DVD_settings. Most of the scripts I've found online address the issue but when I change the temporary MDO number to the one on the case everything on the portal goes away.

Help, please.