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Copy Script Function not Working Correctly

Question asked by hobbiesdeveloper on Sep 15, 2012
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Copy Script Function not Working Correctly



     I'm having trouble getting the Copy function to work correctly with my application. What I'm trying to do is Copy a Calculation Field with XML Data but for some reason it's doesn't copy anything. It only copies the Calculation Data if you physically add the calculated field on the layout, but if you remove the field from the layout it will not copy inside the Script. I have included a screenshot of the Copy Function but for some reason it does not copy the information inside the calculation field but only if it's physically on the Layout form the script is running from?

     It was working before without the field calculation on the layout but from no where it stopped working without it.

     Does anyone know what's causing this and what would be the fix for this without having to add the actual Field Calulation on the Layout which is setup under the Database Fields for the Layout.