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Copy several related records

Question asked by 86TurboZ on Jan 30, 2010
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Copy several related records


I'm working on a modification to a work order system I wrote years ago.  The system is written in an older version of FMPro and all workstations are running Windows XP. I'm currently using FMPro version 6. There are 12 workstations and a server hosts the databases for all the users. Server is Server 2003 and FMPro Server version 6.


I need to pull records from a 'table' or database which contains part numbers and quantities which relate to a model number and type of work.  For example if the model number needs to be overhauled then a list of parts are found which match the 'common' field Model#TypeOfWork which I create as a combined field of the to seperate fields. 


I can locate the records I need easily enough. The problem now is that I need to 'copy' those to a seperate database which will be unique to the work order. So, in summary a new work order is created, a TypeOfWork is defined and a Model number. I then look up the parts I need based on those two fields. If I can then copy those records to a related database where those records will also have the work order as an additional field I can do what I need.  I also need those 'new' records to be able to be added to manually. Those added records will be common to the work order but will not effect the original 'master' database where they were originally copied from.


I can't seem to be able to 'find' a data set and copy those records to a different database.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.