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    Copy Single Record



      Copy Single Record



      Is there any way to copy an single record from on DB to another DB by an click of a Button.


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          Yes, there are several ways to accomplish it but the best method would depend upon what you are doing, why you are doing it, what tables are involved and how they are related.  Also, what FM version are you using?

          Can you fill us in?

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            As Laretta mentioned we'd need to know more about what you want to achieve:

            First off WHY Do you want the same data in 2 databases?

            Do you want data in the "destination" DB to be static, or update?

            Assuming you want duplicate info in destination DB, the number of  fields that need to be transfered would effect your technique,

            if it's just 3 -5 fields, (and the 2 DBs are related) A script  which creates a new record in the destination DB, with a few "set field"  steps would probably suffice

            If you're talking about  30 or so fields -- an export / import script may actually be simpler in the long run.

            An aside: If you just wanted to COPY all fields on a layout you would  isolate that  record, then Option-Copy, The catch: Theres no matching  Paste command. So in the end, "Copying" is not an ideal first step.

            Again as LaRetta Said "Can you fill us in?"