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Copy Time Stamp from one portal to another portal

Question asked by MichaelShuger on Jun 23, 2013
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Copy Time Stamp from one portal to another portal


     I have triedseveral variations of scripts involving GetnthRecord and other things, but I cannot figure out how to to this.  I have a portal that times tamps procedures and I want to take the time stamp from each of those procedures and place it into a portal where I have invoices for those procedures.  This is so that when I fill out the invoice it creates its own timestamp and I can calulate the time from when the procedure started to when the invoice was created.  

     I was trying to key of the associated serial ID from each procedure in the portal, but I was having no luck.  

     I was trying things like:

     GetNthRecord(Procedure::Date;Procedure::EnterNumber), (Where I used a field to input the serial record number)  but I think I do not understand the GetNthRecord function as I believe it does not key off the auto serial number of each record in the portal. Of course, the invoices table was seperate from the procedures table.  I was relating the tables only via the original key and a related foriegn key.  Although I tried various other realtionships as well.