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Copy to Clipboard Issue

Question asked by user17541 on Jul 26, 2015
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Copy to Clipboard Issue


I have a small database that contains a library list of journals, periodicals and books for Bibliography reference. Users can add and modify information on all the books in the database and the system automatically generates a full citation for each data record.  There is a button to copy the generated citation to the clipboard so users can paste to word documents, emails etc etc outside of Filemaker.  

My problem is, the only way the button will work is when I make the citation field fully modifiable:  ie: it is available both in find and browse mode. When I deselect the browse mode option in the inspector, the copy will not work. I am using a single step scrip for the button ie:

Copy [Select; Library::Citation]

The database is Filemaker 14.  Ideally, I would prefer to have the citation field display as a merge field but again, using the above statement, the copy does not work.   What am I doing wrong?