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Copy Value field.

Question asked by DaveParry on May 15, 2009
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Copy Value field.


I need to copy 6 fields from one layout to another, both using the same table, using a button,.

I have written a script which creates a new record, and then uses the following commands.

Go to layout["Orders"(orders)]

Copy[select; Orders::Value]

Go to layout["Balance"(Balance 2)]

Paste[Select; Balance 2::Income]


This is repeated for the 6 fields.


It works Fine apart for one field (a value Field), where it repeats the field used previously, instead of the value.

There is another value field used where it works ok.


I cant see anything wrong with the script, but cant understand why it wont copy and paste that value field.


Can anyone shed light on this, or is there a better way to transfer the data than this one.