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copy values from one file to another

Question asked by SibenMadze on Apr 6, 2011
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copy values from one file to another


Hi, I have created a way to copy values from a field on a table in file A to a field in a related table in file B doesn't seem very elegant and I'm just wondering if there's another way to approach this that would be a little more concise.

Basically I have created a script that's actually two scripts (one in each file) to copy/paste the values from the field in file A to the field in file B.

The script works by using the "Copy" script step to copy the content from field A in the current layout  and then fires another script in file B to paste the values and  then goes back to the original layout.

However, I am now in a position where I will need to copy the content  from many fields in a table in one file to many fields in a related  table in another file and with the way that I've figured out I will have  to create a seperate script for every field in each file.  Also, it uses the "Go to Related Record" script step to go to the other file which means it leaves the current layout.

Is there a way to copy the content from multiple fields on one table  to a related table in another file without leaving the current layout,  and hopefully without creating a bunch of seperate scripts?

Alternately, is there also a way to create a script that does the same thing but using two related tables in the same file?

Thanks a ton!