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Copy values from one table to another

Question asked by scud on Dec 25, 2009
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Copy values from one table to another


Hi, I need to create a database of documents that need to be organised according to section-category-subcategory.

I have already created fields, tables and value lists for these and also created conditional value lists so when one section is selected, only its categories show in the subsequent pulldown list amd so on.


The problem is that I would like some of the documents to belong to more than one section-category-subcategory. In order to achieve this, I created a second range of fields, tables and value lists that are clones of the original. But this is not so efficient because when I need to add a new category, for example, I will have to do it twice. Also, I am sure that there must be another, more efficient way to replicate the values from one to the other.


Since I am total noob to FM, could you pls point me to the rigt direction or show me the relevant article?


Best regards and Merry Christmas!