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Copy/Paste problems

Question asked by jhc on May 5, 2014
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Copy/Paste problems


     still having problem with my script that should record coordinates to create a KML file. I've copied a colleague's script that works but mine doesn't. 

     In trouble shooting I have removed the loop because I don't understand why it doesn't work nor how it is supposed to work. I narrowed it down to just doing one record. But even that doesn't seem to make a proper kml. 

     The issue seems to be copy and paste. I issue the 

Copy [Select; <table::field>]

Paste [Select; No style; <table::field>]

commands but they don't seem to be doing anything.

there's no real options other than to turn select on/off (which I've tried) so I'm stuck as to what could be wrong.

my FMP file can be found here: